I am currently writing a document outlining the process I will use to design “mobile first” responsive websites. I will include the use of Grunt.js to automate the use of CSS3 Preprocessors.  My choice is SASS with Compass.  For Page layout I am using Susy.



Research & Planning

“Why Would Someone Come To Your Site?”

“What Is The Main Goal You Are Trying To Achieve?”

“Who Are Your Main Competitors?”

  • PlanUser Scenarios
  • Content Inventory

Visual Design in BrowserMobile First

Design From The Content Out

Text Design

Use Markdown tool http://dillinger.io/

(HTML/CSS foundation & graphics created as needed)

  • Test in Devices
  1. Branding,
  2. Wireframes,
  3. Responsive design and flexible grids,
  4. Using Grunt JS To Manage Compass with SASS,
  5. High-definition screens,
  6. Flexible images,
  7. Content animation,
  8. WordPress development,
  9. Testing and analytics.
  • Get Feedback and Evolve
  • Move from development to production

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