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Merriam Webster

Democratize: to make (something) available to all people: to make it possible for all people to understand (something).

¼ Of All Website’s are in WordPress, followed by Drupal

1. Free Availability of Software Tools:

• Image Editing: Pixlr.com

• Wire framing: Balsmiq.com

• Invoicing & Billing: Curdbee.com

• Accounting: Outright.com

2. Work Areas In WordPress Site Design

  • Parent/Child Theme
  • Backup
  • Updates
  • Customization
  • Logo, Header. Color Scheme
  • Slideshows
  • WordPress & Mailchimp Integration

3. Where To Find Your Paying Client? Relationship

• Forum Themes-and-Templates

• CraigsList

• Hire a WordPress Expert Site https://codeable.io/

• Unofficial WordPress Forum Site http://bbpress.org/

• Social Network For Your Hosted WordPress Site http://buddypress.org/

4. Approach for your potential client

• Unique Nickname

• Quirky Picture

• Techniques to get the job

o Trustworthiness

o Competence

o Confidence

o A focus on the client instead of yourself.

  1. Communication with the client

o Email / Skype

o Telephone








5. How to get paid Example: $1000 estimate


o 50% upfront $500

o 25% higher boost in price $1250

o 5 to 10% rebate good customer discount $125


6. Be Selective


• Only basic CSS design changes

• No coding

• Done is less than a hour

• At least a net payment of $100


7. Making Estimates


• Introducing & asking Questions

• Questions about advantages

• Offer your contacts for references

• Base your pay on their value added in profit or increased business, in place of your pay scale

• TIP: Never tell them how much you charge until after you ask, “Do You Have A Budget In Mind?”

• Price is relative to the end user.

• It’s not about how much it costs, more about the customer’s profit or savings.

• If their budget is lower than my operating expenses, then the follow-up, can’t do business with them.




8. Smart Talk


• The 5 to 1 Ratio

o Queue up five suitable tasks

o Always ask a follow-up question.

o Prepare a task estimate

• Set The Hook

o Clarify Expectations

o Set a Scope Of Work

o Build a relationship

o Determine a worst case scenario

o Help the client earn as much as possible.

• Close your first sale so you can use it as a reference.

o Use your first customer to help close other customer

• Review your work

o Reload your gun

• Pay Rate Poll Taken:

o 1-$25 59%

o 26-$50 27%

o 51-$100 13%

o $100-Up 1%

• Rinse & Repeat

o Art of upsell – Five upsells

• Child Theme creation

• WordPress install option

• Mailing list integration

• Media Library optimization (ewww image optimization)


• Security & update audit

• Gratitude is the best sale tool of all

9. What Now? Next Steps

• Schedule 5 new clients

• Investigate WordPress Security Checks

• Woo Commerce e-commerce plug-in

• Mail Chimp integration

• Woopra: Real-time Customer Analytics




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