1.     Wix seems slow and for the free level, you have the Wix logos everywhere. WordPress is different, much more reliable even for a free blog. Wix is slow loading due to its flash nature

2.    It’s that sort of template, anyone can build-you-own awful website crap, ‘built with WIX’ at the bottom looks very unprofessional.

3.    WordPress is easy to use, 1000’s of templates to choose from and easy to customize if you have a bit of coding experience. Plugins make life so much easier as well.   With WordPress it’s easy to implement and to edit content.  Also the support system in the CMS (Content Management System) is awesome.

4.    Wix is a web builder where you have to choose from one of their templates. It’s very easy to use. However, once you pick a template you are stuck with that template you can edit pieces of it but not everything, so take that into consideration.

5.    With Wix, the Wix people will not let you move the site from them and you begin to feel that they own it. Wix is a simple way to get a site up quickly, but again you can only use their server.

6.    What about SEO?

·      You do get some SEO functionality with Wix built-in to the website builder.

·      However, it will be limited to whatever the centralized developers offer you. Also, just because functionality and the ability to write SEO in an application exists, does not mean that Google and the other search engines will necessarily look on it favorably.

·      Is Wix better than WordPress? Not when it comes to SEO and the number of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) tracked when you type in each into the Google search engine.

·      WordPress has almost 50 times the number of SERPs than Wix, meaning it is a far more popular platform. That coincides with the fact that there are 77 million WordPress sites up now versus only 43 million Wix sites. The reason for the high popularity of WordPress may be that Google loves WordPress sites. It tends to rank them well.

·      Big name companies like TechCrunch, TED, and even CNN use WordPress for their blogging platforms. Another big reason SEO is stronger with WordPress is the number of SEO plug-ins to help facilitate the process of optimizing the content one publishes in WordPress.


  • For many users, the extra time needed to learn WordPress is rewarded down the line in better content control and publishing capabilities, not just on the website, but also around the web.


  • Once a website is in Wix, you cannot export it to WordPress, other platforms or even easily move your website to another provider. You’re a hostage. You have to cut and paste it and re-create it from scratch.


  •  However, there are a number of WordPress plug-ins that help you publish your website on social networking sites and around the web to help you get the word out about your site.


  • If you’re looking for a simple way to get your feet wet with creating a website, Wix can get you started quickly, but you will soon run out of functionality and features if you end up wanting to make it a content management system geared towards SEO.


  • If you’re looking much further down the line towards establishing a website you have full control over and that is highly customizable for anything that pops up in the future, then WordPress is the better application. 

7.    Wix vs WordPress – Pricing / Ongoing Commitments


The amount of money to invest in your website is an important consideration, and this can vary widely depending if you use Wix or WordPress.


Wix offers 4 premium plan and 1 free plan:

  • Free
  • Connect Domain – $4.08 per month for an annual plan (or $6.90 for a monthly plan)
  • Combo – $8.25 per month for an annual plan (or $10.95 for a monthly plan)
  • Unlimited – $12.42 per month for an annual plan (or $15.95 for a monthly plan)
  • eCommerce – $16.17 per month for an annual plan (or $19.90 for a monthly plan)
  • VIP – $24.90 per month for an annual plan (or $29.90 for a monthly plan)

8.    Wix vs WordPress plans


So the ongoing annual cost for Wix ranges from free, to $48.96 per year for the lowest premium plan, to $298.80 per year for the VIP plan.


For the Combo, Unlimited, eCommerce and VIP plans, Wix gives you a free domain name ($10 – $12 value every year) and $125 to $250 in advertisement vouchers (Google Adwords and Facebook Ads). So if you use the vouchers, you can make your annual fee back very quickly.



9.    Wix vs WordPress – Flexibility

  • WordPress is an open source platform, this means that their codes are open to everybody to use and modify. Any programmers / coders can use WordPress to create their own themes or plugins for others to download for free, or to be purchased for a fee.


  • This is exactly one of the main reasons why the WordPress community has expanded to more than 65 million websites since the end of 2011, and its growth is still ongoing.


  • At the time of this review, there are over 26,000 WordPress plugins that are downloaded more than 490 million times – this shows you how extensive the WordPress community is.



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