I am an experienced creative professional with 15+ years of experience working as a web/graphic designer/developer, currently working freelance with various Marketing/ Communications clients. I am always striving to grow and improve in my craft by trying to create original concepts while being true to the essence of a brand.

Originally coming from an Engineering background, migrating to Computer Science, QA, Unix System Administration, and finally studying Graphic Design/Photography. I find myself today being classified as a "Hybrid". Being comfortable with both visual design and programming.

I provide contracting services for brand/logo and management through social networks, website design, development, and customization. Write copy for Constant Contact of weekly issues, and blog posts in various WordPress Content Management sites. Design and Develop with graphical Adobe tools, sketching, css, html, blogging, WordPress, Google and Bing SEO Webmaster Tools.

Graphic/Web Design

UI/UX Design

Product/Fashion Photography



Social Media, SEO, Copyrighting

Chrome Development Tools


HTML5 with CSS3

8/01/2015 - 12/31/2015

New WordPress Client Work

Genesis Wordpress

Use of rapid design, rehooking for customization, and implementation of many client sites with the use of Genesis Framework. The results are awesome, the clients are ecstatic.  Looking to keep the momentum going into the following months.

WordPress Genesis Comp

09/15/2009 - Current

Freelance Work

Hybrid Developer/Designer

Current Workload:

  • WordPress Subscription Site

     Developer support of the community multi-host website with bug fixes, online instructional materials, add functionality for subscribers for e-Commerce, and setting up donation page for funding projects.
  • Green Running Events – Event Logo Work, Event Photography

    Created event and business logos for upcoming race events Kenneth Hahn Eco 8K for poster and T-Shirts, Will be shooting the runners competing and the after-party with vendor booth work
  • Social Media Marketing

    Weekly Event Planning, Integrating Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram for increase customer activity and resulting profits.
2000 - 2003

Walt Disney Internet Group / WDPRO

Senior Software Engineer

Work in the Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Online division specifically, doing development of  backend design and development for data mining of the guest data from both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World resort websites.

2003 - Current

MAK Photography

Commercial Photographer / Tutor

Commercial Photographer / Teacher – Shooting Product / People For Creating Promotional and  Adverting Materials.

2008 - Current

Runnergy, LLC

Web Developer/Designer

Provide design services to increase company profits as an Independent Contractor doing Web Design/Development, Graphic Design, plus  Photography for Advertising and  Social Media Marketing.

08/29/2015 -

Building an API with JS (Intermediate Level)

Blankspaces DTLA Vitamin T Sponsored

Learned to setup a Node.JS project, including build scripts and fully automated testing.  Get hands on with composing applications from self written modules and various NPM packages. Learn Node.JS fundamentals, including NPM tips and techniques. Get introduced to several current tech stack options.

Concepts covered:

• NPM, levels I & II

• REST services with JSON

• Node.JS & the Event Loop

• Working with the core Node modules vs. NPM

• Web apps vs. CLI (e.g. Atom and Node Webkit JS)

• Intro to middleware

• JavaScript ORMs

Hands-on in this workshop: 

Build quick REST services using JavaScript middleware frameworks.  Explore JavaScript language & Node.JS fundamentals.  Read and write data using JavaScript ORM tech.

Nov. 2012 -

JavaScript Saturday

Held At Long Beach Convention Center

Deep dive into the current javaScript technologies:

1. Jquery Training

2. Knockout JS

3. HTML5/CSS – Responsive web design

4. Intro to Nodejs

5. Javascript Patterns

6. Socket IO vs Signal R

7. Javascript Best practices


Oct. 2012 -

Mobile Camp for Designers Developers and Entrepreneurs

Held At LA Mart Design Center

Intensive All Day Training In Current Mobile Web Technologies.

1996 - 1999

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

Computer Science

Studied Object Oriented Programming in C++, and UNIX Internals

2003 - 2006

Santa Monica College (SMC)

Photography Major / Design Minor

Completed Commercial Photography Major With 4.5 Grade Point Average

Design Courses With Drawing and Illustrator and Photoshop

Corky’s Cork Lounge Flyer

Corky’s Cork Lounge Flyer

Open Mic Night Flyer In Sherman Oaks

Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder Design

Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder Design

Product Label Design For Schizandu Organics

Asics Trail Running Shoe Ad

Asics Trail Running Shoe Ad

Client: Runnergy

Character Art

Character Art

Drawing Moved To Illustrator

Total Body Improvement WordPress Site

Total Body Improvement WordPress Site

Designed to Meet the needs of a Personal Trainer

Health By Designer WordPress Site

Health By Designer WordPress Site

Site designed using the Genesis Framework for Client

My Rosy Glasses WordPress Site

My Rosy Glasses WordPress Site

Designed with the Genesis Framework for client.

Medical Marijuana Business Logo

Medical Marijuana Business Logo

New Design

Alien Composite  Poster

Alien Composite Poster

For potential use for a client

Weeple Army Bay Area Patch Design

Weeple Army Bay Area Patch Design

Made for the Bay Area chapter upcoming event

Mandala Design

Mandala Design

Made as Part of a Larger Piece

T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Design

For Green Running Events - Kenneth Hahn 8K

Health Drink Advertisement

Health Drink Advertisement

Xango Campaign Image

Infographic Example

Infographic Example

Done In Memory Of A Friend

Brick and Mortar Store Front Logo & Website Logo

Brick and Mortar Store Front Logo & Website Logo

Original Lighted Store Front Sail Flag In Sherman Oaks, CA

Yin Yoga Logo Design

Yin Yoga Logo Design

Designed For Christopher Dozd

Pose Method Clinic Brochure

Pose Method Clinic Brochure

For Christopher Drozd Done In InDesign

Event Organizational Promotion Coffee Mug Mockup

Event Organizational Promotion Coffee Mug Mockup

Green Running Events Promo

Runnergy Store Event Tent Canopy Design

Runnergy Store Event Tent Canopy Design

Created In Illustrator CS6

Green Running Events Logo

Green Running Events Logo

Final Deliverable

Pho King Delicious Restaurant Musician Flyer

Pho King Delicious Restaurant Musician Flyer

Work with a local business to through an Artist Promoter

Sep 16th, 2016

WIX Verses WordPress

1.     Wix seems slow and for the free level, you have the Wix logos everywhere. WordPress is different, much more reliable even for a free blog. Wix is slow loading due to its flash nature 2.    It’s that sort of template, anyone can build-you-own awful website crap, ‘built with WIX’ at the bottom looks very unprofessional…. read more

Jun 25th, 2015

My First Use Of The Genesis Framework

I was told by other  designers and developers that the ideal WordPress site design platform for both professionals is Genesis.  It’s not as complex as Thesis, without much of a learning curve. At least for basic use.  It’s different in that the framework sits separate from the site theme your are using.  The analogy is… read more

Jun 12th, 2015

Other CMS’s Compared –

Umbraco Unfortunately, Umbraco is not ideal for personal blogs or smaller websites. That is because it was designed with much larger organizations in mind. It’s currently used by brands like, Vogue and According to the Umbraco site, it “is the choice of many organizations because of its no-cost, open-source licensing, its simplicity, and… read more